Quantum Dot and Nanopore lasers


AFM Image of patterned quantum dots


Recently much effort has gone towards understanding quantum dots (QD) so that quantum circuits and devices may be realized. As the field of quantum computing emerges, the driving force towards understanding these unique structures becomes apparent. We have worked on key concepts of InAs QD growth by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) and developed method of selective QD epitaxy using strained InGaAs thin films and nanoscale oxide patterned masks.





Selected Publications

V.C. Elarde, J.J. Coleman, A Novel Ordered Nanopore Array Diode Laser, IEEE Photon. Tech. Lett., 20,  4, (2008)

V.B. Verma, V.C. Elarde, J.J. Coleman, An Analytical Model for the Ordered Nanopore Array Diode Laser, IEEE J. Quant. Electron. , 45, 1, (2009)